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Care of Millie + Rose Jewellery


We want you to enjoy your contemporary jewellery and keep it looking 'good as new' for as long as possible.  


Don't hang your jewellery on a stand and leave it exposed to the air.  This will cause some components to oxidise and therefore tarnish. Store jewellery away from direct sunlight, damp, and extremes of heat or cold. Keep necklace clasps closed, form a large coil and store flat. Wrap jewellery in acid-free tissue or cotton to keep it protected from dust and moisture. 

Make-up, perfume,  body lotion, fake tan and hairspray will tarnish and damage jewellery. Sometimes natural skin oils can also cause the surface of your jewellery to deteriorate.  Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided.

Do not immerse jewellery in water or any other cleaning product. Jewellery should be gently polished with a soft clean cloth. Silver coloured components can be polished with a dry silver cloth.

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